Ring of Truth


Product Description

The summer of 1964 – miniskirts, the Beatles, a typhoid epidemic, the Queen visiting the Highlands, and a circus comes to town. Plenty for local newspaper, the Caithness Sentinel, to cover. It’s under new management after a surprising take-over by a Canadian tycoon with new money and new ideas – and a marked aversion to the female reporter.

Her crime? A day out in Aberdeen, standing in to help her cousin, but it’s all it takes to reopen old wounds and entangle three families, once again, in a web of heartbreak and potential disaster.

Must the sins of the fathers reach down through the generations to spoil the lives of their children and grandchildren? Or can the third generation of Cormacks, Mackays and Sinclairs break the hold of the past and create a better future?

Ring of Truth is the eagerly awaited final volume in Dorothy Stewart’s Mizpah Ring Trilogy.

Book Details


Dorothy Stewart




5.5 x 8.5 (216 x 140mm)

Publication Date

November 2018




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