The Best I Could Do


Book Description

The story of a woman on a mission to overcome all odds and conquer the world with four children in tow, not quite managing it but at least aiming to get the washing up done before the next meal time. Actually, she didn’t have time to conquer the world. That would have to wait for another time. Just to get through family drama, trauma, life-saving surgical operations, childbirth and to have the occasional good hair day was achievement enough.

This dry-humoured recollection of family and work life will take you back in time and either evoke fond memories, or make you wonder how anybody actually managed to live without all the technology and modern conveniences we enjoy and take for granted today. Here, you can have a brief foray into the world of camping with chemical toilets, the advent of mini skirts and tights, bedpan handling during student nurse training, the challenges of creating a home out of a renovation site whilst surrounded by damp, towelling nappies and toddlers, and – hopefully – emerge relatively unscathed by the experience.

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Sharon Parkinson




5.06" x 7.81" (12.85 x 19.84 cm)



Publication Date

18 September 2020


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