The Esther Strategy


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Do you have great obstacles in your life to overcome? Are you looking for proven biblical principles that take you from loss to victory? From the extraordinary story of Esther the author reveals a rich vein of life transforming principles aimed for each one of us. This book is no ordinary commentary of the story of Queen Esther, but is rather a passionate revelation of what it means to walk in life-giving obedience to truth. With insights into the historical context, the reader is urged throughout to reflect on the parallels between Queen Esther’s journey and our own. Taking Esther’s heroic story and placing it in the heart of our own modern day circumstances, this book will help give you a life strategy that is at the heart of God’s purposes for you today.

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Jan Taylor




5.5 x 8.5"




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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jan became a Christian in 1986 and has had a wide experience of church life, with the majority of time spent in Pentecostal circles. Since becoming a Christian she has served God in a variety of roles, including leadership. God opened the door for Jan to go to Matttersey in 1998 and she graduated from there with a second-class honours degree in Biblical Theology and a Diploma in Christian Ministry. Since that time she has had some health problems, but in recent years God has done a lot of healing in her life and she is now hoping to return to work. Jan’s greatest desire is to serve the Lord in whatever way she can using her abilities, gifts and training for His glory. She sees writing books that encourage and build up other Christians as one way to do this.

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