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In The Identity Key, Martina exposes five life-stealing mindsets that keep us from a vibrant relationship with God, replacing them with five spiritual truths. Encouraged to reflect, activate and question in each chapter, she draws us to examine our own journey and identity in Christ. Her honest testimony is powerfully relevant. This book is the second in the series Equipping Unexpected Warriors.

Our understanding of who God is and therefore our identity in Him, directly impacts how we will relate to him. Martina speaks forcefully into this important area of warfare, proclaiming life-changing biblical truths.
—Mark Iles, School for Prophecy, UK

The Identity Key is a hope-igniting book. Martina brilliantly and effectively compares the destructive effects of five life-stealing mindset traps with the strengthening effects of five biblical principles of victory. I highly recommend this book.
—Steve Backlund, Igniting Hope Ministries

About the Author: Martina Davis is a Christian author, artist and photographer with a heart for prophetic ministry. Her journey gave her the inspiration to start Grace Creativity, through which she exercises her ministry and business. She serves the wider Church as part of the School for Prophecy. Martina and Richard are members of Winchester Vineyard Church.

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Martina Davis





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18 November 2020


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