The Posture Principle


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A practical guide to embracing your true calling
Series: Book 1 The Equipping Unexpected Warrior Series

Many of us are hidden under false identity, have a skewed view of God, and do not understand how to reach out and take our inheritance and speak freedom to others. Out of my own journey and experience, I seek to equip so that we all may grow up in Christ together, and be ignited to bring light into darkness. ‘Equipping Unexpected Warriors’ is a series of three books about our Posture, Identity and Freedom, as called and chosen children of a living God.

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Martina Davis






5 x 8" (203 x 127mm)

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December 2017


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The book carries an impartation to have deeper personal intimacy, dialogue, and encounters with God built on kingdom foundation. Martina, you are a releaser of kairos moment breakthroughs and mindset shifts. Many people will be set free from years of struggle or oppression by your testimony/book as you walk people through building the right foundation for deep intimacy with God and seeing Him rightly as an extravagant Father.
Michelle Moon
Igniting Hope Ministries

I highly recommend Martina Davis’ The Posture Principle. This book will equip with the beliefs and attitudes of the heart that will position you to receive the fullness of who we are and what God has for us.
Steve Backlund
Associate Leader/Pastor Bethel Church of Redding, California

Martina is in the prophetic ministry, a member of Southampton-based School for Prophecy. She has ministered with Mark Iles and the team for almost five years, and in Vineyard churches. She has twenty-three years’ experience in the anglican church, out of which she brought her heart to bring identity, freedom, release and deliverance into people’s lives, often expressed using artistic impression. Richard and Martina have been married for thirty-two years and have two adult sons.