The Promise of the Father


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How to receive the Holy Spirit and use His gifts

When a congregation is asked the question, “What is the Day of Pentecost all about in Acts chapter 2?” the result is a plethora of varied and divergent answers. Jesus, however, was far more specific, describing the event as “The Promise of the Father” – an event so vital that the first believers were expressly forbidden to begin their gospel ministry until that promise had been fulfilled in their lives. That experience is for us too!

This book looks at who the Holy Spirit is and clarifies His work in a person’s life from the moment of their conviction onwards. The question, “When does a believer receive the Holy Spirit?” is clearly answered. The Spirit’s gifts and fruit are examined and there is a chapter on Divine Healing. The link between Christ’s ascension and the events at Pentecost are explained. The author explains how the Lord has provided the church with the ability to demonstrate as well as proclaim Gospel truth, and thereby provide a powerful answer to the modern retort, “Don’t just tell me, show me!”


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Anthony K. Chamberlain






5.5 x 8.5" (216 x 140mm)

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May 2017


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Anthony Chamberlain
Anthony Chamberlain was saved at Brunswick Road Baptist Church in Gloucester. At seventeen the Lord called him to preach the Gospel and at nineteen he was baptised in the Holy Spirit. He studied Theology in London. As an ordained Minister he pastored churches in Derby, Ashbourne, Romford and Selly Oak and established churches in Bridgewater and Broadstairs. He worked for ten years in the Philippines, witnessing many conversions and healing miracles. Although retired he preaches often, being told recently, “You empower the people of God with the presence of God for the purpose of God.”