Time: Full Stop or Question Mark?


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‘Time,’ often termed as the ‘fourth dimension,’ affects us all. Whatever our status, background or ability, it totally influences our actions and attitudes. But is it ‘non-negotiable’? Does it exert complete control? Is ‘time’ the ultimate ‘full-stop’?

The Bible records the eternal God intervening in the affairs of this world and individual lives. Looking at the different ways in which such intervention took place, this book considers events when God broke through our conception of time, and how Jesus exampled a life outside of its limitations.

Suitable for personal reflection or group discussion, this Biblical perspective also considers how we can experience God working beyond those constraints of time. It doesn’t necessarily provide answers, but perhaps changes ‘time’ to a ‘question mark’!

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Stephen Bishop




5.5 x 8.5" (216 x 140mm)

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May 2017




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Living in London and previously working in a high-profile government department, Steve now spends time writing and presenting Bible-based material, being active in his local church.

Also jogging and growing vegetables – both tend to be seasonal! – he sees relationship with God as integral to daily life.

Previous books include: ‘Dialogue with a donkey’, ‘Fleeces, Fears and Flames’ and ‘Finding a place to settle’ (looking at the lives of Balaam and Ruth). He regularly contributes to ‘The Way – Christianity without walls’ website.

Steve welcomes feedback and presentation opportunities. Contact author via Zaccmedia website.

Time: Full Stop or Question Mark? from Paul Stanier on Vimeo.

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