Two Minutes Added On


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‘Two minutes added on’… a term used in the sporting world, but also applicable in the spiritual one. The Bible describes God working in the dimension of ‘time’ to affect people in ways they did not expect. Exploring some of those dramatic interventions this book looks at how they relate to us, giving us hope that arises from ‘two minutes’ being ‘added on’!

Suitable for small group discussion and personal reflection – questions conclude each chapter.

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Stephen Bishop






5.5 x 8.5" (140 x 216mm)

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June 2018


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Living in London and previously working in a high-profile government department, Steve now spends time writing and presenting Bible-based material, being active in his local church. Also jogging and growing vegetables – both being seasonal(!) – he sees relationship with God as integral to everyday life. Previous books include: ‘Dialogue with a donkey’ and ‘Finding a place to settle’ (looking at the lives of Balaam, and Ruth). He contributes to ‘The Way – Christianity without walls’ website and ‘Premier Praise’ radio.

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