What the Hell?!



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An Unexpected Story of Amazing Grace

Have you ever wondered at the purpose of an all-loving God who throws people into hell for all eternity? Or the hopelessness of it? And never found any satisfying answers?

Come and join Glenn on a life-changing journey as he slowly learns from the Bible that even hell is an integral part of God’s amazing grace for everyone. Life is like a labyrinth; uncertain, at times confusing, people getting lost, some going through hell (a real one, to be avoided at all cost), but in the end everyone will reach their destiny through and in Jesus.

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Henk Wilms




5.5 x 8.5" (216 x 140mm)

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May 2016

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Paperback, ePub eBook (for Apple and Android readers), Mobi eBook (for Kindle readers and apps – needs manually adding to your Kindle account)


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Henk Wilms is a life long student of the Bible who over the decades grew in the confidence to ask difficult questions. In his career he learned how to solve the puzzles of what makes oil fields tick.In this heart warming story he combines these insights and skills to show the reader step by step what the Bible says about “eternal hell”.

Henk and his wife Diane have four adult children and live near Aberdeen in Scotland.

Henk Wilms

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