When Shall These Things Be? Companion Study Guide


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To be read in conjunction with the main book, When Shall These Things Be?

How good are you at reading a map? How good is your sense of direction? The book of Revelation is very much like a map. It may be that you have an excellent knowledge of the Bible and can quickly find your way to any one of the books or even to a particular verse. But even if you do have a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures you may find understanding the book of Revelation to be a humbling, even confusing, experience. As with any journey to a new and unexplored destination, whether alone or in a group setting, it is so important for us to have very good map reading skills or that we have a gifted navigator. Our own skills may be limited but we can turn to the only navigator who is totally trustworthy – the Holy Spirit. He alone can direct us through the maze of obscure paths in the Book of Revelation. If you have ever felt a bit confused, or even overwhelmed by any study of Revelation, I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you through reading my book ‘When Shall These Things Be’ with the help of this Companion Study Guide. – Edward A Thomas

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Edward A. Thomas







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April 2016


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Edward Thomas spent his working life in electrical engineering. On retirement, he and his wife moved to Cumbria, to the much-loved Lake District. In the 1970s, an incident brought Israel to the forefront of his thinking, and he began to research the scriptures to find the truth. He knew the Lord’s calling to be associated with Ellel Ministries in 1993, and served with them for fourteen years as a counsellor and teacher. His heart is in communicating the truth of God’s purposes for both Israel and the church, explaining it in a clear and simple way.

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