When Shall These Things Be?


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Bible prophecy and a little history are the vital ‘book ends’ of the word of God. Genesis gives us the commencement, and Revelation the consummation of all things. Studies of both books are sadly neglected. Genesis begins with creation and Revelation ends with a new creation, new heaven, and a new earth. Correct interpretation of both books establishes the whole weight behind the Revelation and the purposes of God.
Edward Thomas takes the Book of Revelation literally and prophetically, allowing for limited symbolism, which is often explained in the text. This is a well-constructed study. How refreshing to read a commentary on Revelation which is taking literal prophetic truth and presenting it in such a way that every reader can understand plainly.
I heartily recommend this presentation. May it be read by many and be a great help in understanding the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

By Dr Don Hender, MA., B.Th., D.Th., Ph.D., D.Litt.
Vice President, Prophetic Witness International.
Director of the ‘Living Word Open Study Bible School’.

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Edward A. Thomas




6 x 9"

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October 2015



Edward Thomas spent his working life in electrical engineering. On retirement, he and his wife moved to Cumbria, to the much-loved Lake District. In the 1970s, an incident brought Israel to the forefront of his thinking, and he began to research the scriptures to find the truth. He knew the Lord’s calling to be associated with Ellel Ministries in 1993, and served with them for fourteen years as a counsellor and teacher. His heart is in communicating the truth of God’s purposes for both Israel and the church, explaining it in a clear and simple way.


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