Why Are You Running?


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He is one of the most famous and successful so-called wimps in both adult and children history, who likes running although not very good at it. He is the only man on earth who doesn’t eat fish, except they eat him, yet a hero for coming out alive and changing the course of history for 120,000 souls and more.

In this illuminating use of Yonah’s (Jonah’s) journey, Tope Teniola unfolds the reality about why so many of us find ourselves running away from our purpose in life. The book allows the reader, both Jew and Gentile, to see we all have choices in life and that life can be likened to running a race, but there are different routes for every unique individual. Whatever direction we choose to run, we should expect consequences that come from choosing it. As a result of Yonah’s life changing episode, Tope reveals how we also can be liberated from the risk of spiritual deprivation and get back on track. The book also explores current day warnings and signs of the End Time and highlights the importance of true repentance and trust in God.

Challenging and thought provoking for the times we are living in, ‘Why are you Running?’ will change the way you view home, death, commitment, your past, judgement and your call to ministry.

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Tope Teniola





Publication Date

August 2015


5.5 x 8.5" (140 x 216mm)


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Tope Teniola, founder of The Precious Foundation, coordinates the CAP Money Course and ministry to the Jewish community for Emmanuel Edgware Church and Healing on the Streets for the Edgware & District Churches. Tope writes to illuminate the bible, inspiring others to take their rightful place and fulfill their call in each generation. Tope is Author of ‘Debt Revelation – Do Not Look Back’ and ‘You Fit Perfectly’. She has been invited to speak at various churches and lives in London with her son Christian.
Author’s website: www.youfitperfectly.co.uk