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Ingram iPage

We recommend all our trading partners use Ingram iPage for their discounted trade purchases of Zaccmedia titles. Most of our titles are available to the trade via Ingram iPage, where retailers ought to receive favourable trade terms. Please contact us if otherwise (see below).

You can visit Ingram iPage here

Zaccmedia Direct: Wholesale/Trade Accounts

30% trade discount with FREE shipping if ordering 5 books or more.

If you are a retailer we want to make it easy and profitable for you to sell Zaccmedia books on behalf of our authors. For that reason, trade customers from selected countries can now purchase our books via our online bookstore at www.zaccmedia.com/bookstore.

Before you go ahead you will want to know our terms and need to register for a wholesale/trade account with us. Our terms vary based on country.

UK, USA, Australia, Europe
Good news! If you are a retailer in one of these countries then you can register with us to gain online bookstore access to 30% trade discount, with FREE standard shipping if purchasing 5 books or more per order. Payment isn’t required at checkout; instead, an invoice will be sent to you offering up to 30 days credit. You also have the option to pay immediately if you wish. This trade discount only applies to books.

Rest of the World
If you are a retailer in a country outside our current main trade channels we want to service you on trade terms. However, we will need to quote you on a per order basis, meaning we cannot register you for our online account. Please register below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss terms.

Zaccmedia titles are also distributed by Bertrams & Gardners (UK) and Ingram (USA)

Make sure you use the title ISBN when searching on Bertrams, otherwise it may not appear: https://www.bertrams.com/BertWeb/index.jsp