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Christian Book Publishing

Publish it your way and go it alone

Budget self-publishing solutions with a professional finish

Our self-publish package includes the essential files an author would need if they wanted to publish independently to platforms such as Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark, Blurb, Apple iBooks, etc, and just need help with the book files being created.

Our books files are produced manually and we don’t use automated templates. This is a budget publishing service, optimised to provide a  tasteful cover design that gets you on your way to selling online. The typesetting is also done manually by our own team, not using templates, so trade quality is assured. The package includes a 3D version of the cover in a promo graphic to help kick start your advertising on social media. Prices start from £200.00 for a 10,000 words upwards manuscript. Contact us for a quote on your word count. Editing not included.

Self-publish Package Starting £199
  • Basic Cover Design
  • Basic Typesetting
  • Standard eBook conversion
  • Book files prepared for 2 main print platforms
  • 3D Mock Up of Cover & Promo Graphic
    Up to 10,000 words: Prices start at £199
    For a precise quote please contact us

Dew Press is our budget publishing package with a professional finish

A cheaper way into publishing your book

Dew Press is the sibling to its bigger brother, Zaccmedia. Dew Press offers all the essential features needed to get your manuscript turned into a book and then selling online. Our service and cost is offered based on an initial review of your manuscript, to check it’s viability for publication.

Dew Press is our new Christian book publisher imprint that is designed to offer the author a cost efficient way to get their book into print, and ready to sell to the world. The greatest difference between Dew Press and Zaccmedia, is that editing, which is time consuming and therefore very expensive, is not included. We strongly advise you to source good friends or family members to proof your book before publication, or better still, find a professional editor. Our production service will provide a tastefully presented, professional and excellent value publishing package that includes Ingram’s trade distribution and printing in UK, USA and Australia. Plus upload to Amazon KDP.

Dew Press Starting £526
  • Basic Cover Design
  • Basic Typesetting
  • Standard eBook conversion
  • ISBN
  • Upload to printers
  • Blurb writing assistance
  • Amazon listing formatting
  • Amazon KDP
  • Ingram Lightning Source Distribution
  • Fast printing service
  • 1 year contract
  • Up to 10,000 words: £526
    10,000-30,000 words: £596
    30,000-50,000 words: £746
    50,000- 80,000 words: £880
    80,000-100,000 words: £996
    Over 100,000 words: Request a quote

Zaccmedia is our all inclusive book publishing service

Premium Publishing Solutions

This is our most comprehensive service and requires considerable bespoke work that is tailored specifically to your book’s style, genre, length and editorial/design complexity. To receive a quote to publish with Zaccmedia, please submit your manuscript and answer the queries requested – we will be pleased to advise what’s best for your project and provide a price.

Below is a list of all the features you get when publishing under the Zaccmedia imprint. Every book is different, so the below is the base price only – please use our cost calculator for an estimate, or contact us directly so we can review your project and provide an accurate cost.

Zaccmedia Starting £1250
  • One-On-One Author Support
  • Professional Cover Design
  • Professional Editing
  • Bespoke Typesetting
  • Amazon & Facebook Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Manuscript Review & Advice
  • ISBN Allocation
  • Christian Market Specialisation
  • Author Discount
  • Kindle eBook Conversion & Distribution
  • 3D Rendered Cover Graphics
  • 100 A5 Double Sided Flyers
  • Zaccmedia Bookstore Availability
  • Advance Trade Information Sheet
  • Trade Wholesale Representation
  • Royalty sales (60% net)
  • 20 Image Insertions
  • 10 Complimentary Books
  • Legal Deposit Book Placement
  • Distribution to 30,000+ Retailers
  • Amazon & Barnes & Noble Placement