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Our Design Rates

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Christian Book Publishing Packages

Our all inclusive book publishing packages start from £1500, and provides editing, typesetting, cover design, eBook conversion, trade distribution, 100 bespoke A5 flyers, Zaccmedia trade representation, a marketing launch campaign and includes 10 complimentary printed copies. It also includes a host of other benefits, including publishing advice and guidance throughout the process and an ISBN allocation.

For all the included publishing features, see our Print & Distribution Publishing Package page.

Either use our live cost calculator or request a personal quote.

Book Cover Design: £350

Hard or Paperback jackets/spreads with flaps from £400

What we require from the author :

    • The book size (height & width of page)
    • Barcode or ISBN (we can generate the barcode from an ISBN)
    • Back page blurb and any other information required for the back and flaps.
    • The spine width if available. You can get this from your printer, but only if you know the final number of pages of your book – otherwise, this can be arranged later.
    • Any images you wish to use on the cover. These should be high enough publication quality.

See samples of our book cover design here (it may take a short time for the page to load the high resolution images).

Book Typesetting (interior page layout/design)

The following are prices per page (not the manuscript page, but the typeset pages of the actual finished book), and are based on books that have 90 pages or more.

To estimate how many pages your manuscript might come to, it’s recommended you divide the total word count by 300 words – this will give you an estimate final page count (depending of course on the style of your book and final page design).​

    • £2.50 a page for text only books.
    • £3.00 a page for books with fewer than 50 photographs or other illustrations.
    • £3.50 a page for books with text and more than 50 photographs or other illustrations.

Final pricing will be evaluated once we have seen the manuscript – for simple projects, we may be able to reduce the rate.

For volume repeat work, contact us to discuss discounted rates.

Where a higher level of bespoke design work is required on a book, contact us for a custom quote.

See samples of our typesetting here (it may take a short time for the page to load the high resolution images).

The following is required with manuscripts sent for typesetting:

    • We only work from a final carefully edited manuscript, which is preferably a Word document
    • The book format/size (dimensions)
    • The title and subtitle
    • Endorsements
    • Author name
    • Copyright information
    • About the author text
    • Photographs or Illustrations at publishable quality (we can advise)



We include a small, reasonable number of final text corrections to the pages upon final proofing of the supplied PDF pages. However, if there are many editorial errors that need correcting, then this can be extremely time consuming to correct at the typesetting stage and often re-paginates text that has knock on effects for other pages layout. This means time consuming work, which we would then need to charge at an additional £30.00 hourly rate, to take in the changes. For this reason, we strongly recommend you only submit a well proofed manuscript before sending to typesetting.


If you purchase our full publishing package we arrange printing, and the costs of this are calculated as “actual print cost plus 20% of the RRP price”, plus printer’s processing and shipping fee. Since this cost is variable to the book specification, you are best contacting us for an estimate.

If you are not publishing with Zaccmedia, but want our cover or typesetting service, and also want us to source your printing, we do so by adding a 20% “print agent fee” to the actual print cost we source for you.

Page extent information (number of pages in a book)

If printing via digital printers, they can print in multiples of x2 pages, eg: 100, 102, 104, 106, etc.

If printing in large volume via litho traditional print presses, they print pages in multiples of 16, e.g. 100, 116, 132, 148, etc.