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Author: Ken Hepworth
Title: Their Blood Still Cries Out

Publication Date: November 2013



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[dropcap size=”220%” bgcolor=”theme”]K[/dropcap]en has spent many years of his Christian life learning the effects of curses on people and land, and how we can be released from them. The consequences of these curses can seriously hinder the work of the Church if the spiritual roots of the problem are not dealt with. In this book, Ken explains how anti-Semitism, in particular, has brought with it a negative spiritual consequence for today’s Christian church and what our response ought to be if we are to experience the fullness of God’s blessing.

Ken’s book is an important manual providing insight, background information and practical instruction to intercessors involved in God’s plan of restoration for Israel. It is a useful tool to deeper understanding of this crucial topic revealing our authority and boundaries in relation to intercessory prayer.
Markus Ernst
President of Ebenezer Emergency Fund International

Ken Hepworth has written a great book about how the blood of millions of Jews murdered in the lands of Christendom still cries out and how we can repent and bring cleansing to the land. May the Lord bless this book to open the eyes and minds of many.
Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer
President of Christians for Israel International

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Ken Hepworth
Ken Hepworth
[dropcap size=”220%” bgcolor=”theme”]K[/dropcap]en Hepworth has served the local Church for over forty years as evangelist, pastor and teacher. He is a man with a heart for God’s people – both the body of Christ and the Jewish nation. He has a desire to see the Church, locally and globally, become all it is destined to be in Christ. This passion has placed him at the cutting edge of healing and deliverance issues, having served for many years with Ellel Ministries as a Bible teacher and prayer counsellor. Ken’s experience with Ellel Ministries led him to write what still remains as one of the most informative books available on spiritual warfare, Reclaiming the Ground, published by Sovereign World Ltd. Through his reading of the Bible, Ken has understood the importance of the Jewish people in the will and purposes of God, and is convinced that God has not forsaken or abandoned His first Covenant people. He has a passion to expose anti-Semitism and to dispel false teachings such as Replacement Theology. He holds a BA (Hons) in German Studies from Lancaster University. For the last five years he’s had the privilege of being the UK Chairman of Ebenezer Operation Exodus. Through this work, Ken was able to research and pray into the worldwide foundations and influences of anti-Semitism. His work is presently dedicated to the ongoing restoration of Israel in accordance with Biblical prophecy, providing practical guidance for those called to be intercessors for Israel on how to cleanse land and lives from the consequences of Jewish blood shedding. Ken has been happily married to Jean since 1965. They have three sons and five grandchildren.[/tab]

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Page Extent:  164pp
Weight: 199gm
Format: 5.5×8.5” PB
Spine: 7.848mm
Carton Qty:
Cover: Glossy
Paper: White
Print ISBN:  9781909824034
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RRP:  £8.99



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Their Blood Still Cries Out
Their Blood Still Cries Out


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