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Author: Leon Gosiewski
Title: Awake! Rise and Glow
– How to understand the times we are living in

Publication Date: June 2014



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What’s it all about?
What’s happening in the world?
How can we know the difference between truth and deception?
What happened between the Jewish Yeshua and the Christian Church?
What do the signs in the sky mean?
Where has the Lord gone? Where is His power and love?

The signs of something significant are in the skies and the terrible devastation of weather patterns. But is all of this just a scientific and natural blip? Is civil unrest, new warfare tactics, economic decline and religious persecution just a cyclical phase of society? Or is biblical prophecy coming to a crescendo?

The author invites you to join with him on a frank and honest life-changing journey of discovery and revelation as he tackles these and many more questions. The journey is sometimes painful, shocking and hard as the author’s broken heart and quest for the Lord is openly shared.

Deep spiritual truths are carefully, biblically and historically unravelled in an easy to understand and compassionate written style. You will not leave these pages unchallenged or untouched by the Holy Spirit as the light of holiness penetrates your soul.

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Leon Gosiewski is the founder of Renewed Life Healing and Chasing Your Dreams Community Ministries. Qualified to Master of Science degree and trained in Old and New Testament studies, church history and pastoral care, Leon also holds further qualifications in sport psychology, counselling and advanced education studies. Leon spent over thirty years in sport and fitness education. Having seen the miraculous healing touch of God through the healing ministry and lived several years in a ‘spiritual wilderness’, Leon is tenaciously inquisitive and has sought answers to a number of faith questions. He does not shirk or hide from tough, scrutinizing questions, not least of these is ‘What has happened to everyday healing miracles?’ and ‘Where has the power gone to meet our dreams?’ Through faith in God combined with caring and compassionate teaching, Renewed Life Healing and Chasing Your Dreams ministries help to remove blocks that prevent people from achieving healing needs and unlocking their potential to walk in the supernatural lifestyle that God intends.


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Page Extent: 220pp
Weight: 302.087 gm
Format: 6 x 9” or 229 x 152 mm
Spine: 11.78 mm
Carton Qty: 36
Cover: Matte
Paper: White
Print ISBN: 9781909824379
Kindle eBook: 9781909824386
ePub eBook: 9781909824393
RRP:  £10.99 (GBP) / $17.99 (USD) / $19.99 (AUD)



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Awake! Rise and Glow
Awake! Rise and Glow

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