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A story of ordinary people with an extraordinary God
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“This book is an absolutely excellent volume for anyone involved in a new church plant, or a fresh expression of church, or just someone looking for a few words to encourage them in their traditional church.”

Amazon Review

“Loved reading this. Couldn’t put it down! Small, easy to digest and filled with amazing testimonies. Small but mighty when we are doing Gods work.”

Amazon Review

“This is a very helpful book for those in small to medium churches, in particular. It would have helped me greatly as the young Pastor of a tiny church in a rural setting many years ago.”

Small is Beautiful

Embracing small church is key to embracing the extraordinary things a great God can do through it. Paul’s story is an inspirational testimony to this truth to encourage all in “small church”.

A Glimpse of the Future

God is working powerfully today through a network of often small churches! Paul offers deep encouragement for those who struggle on through the obstacles of “doing” small church, and offers hope for what God can achieve through our efforts in faith.


Building the physical and spiritual life of a church is essential. With all his experience, the author retells what does and doesn’t work when seeking buildings to meet the needs of growing numbers.

Leadership & Transition

Godly wisdom and practical insight is illustrated through Paul Hiley’s book, gifting the reader with his knowledge of establishing unity and strength of leadership and passing it on to next generations.

Growing Church is Amazing

Real life stories of changed lives.

Churches Working Together

Regional and national church unity is proven to be challenging. Paul’s book doesn’t hide the difficulty of best intentions for the bonds of peace, but retells future fruitfulness.

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PAUL HILEY taught English in Malawi, Nottingham, Zambia, Grimsby and Market Rasen before leaving teaching to found and pastor the church featured in this book. He is married to Katy and they have three daughters and five grandchildren. He completed his first triathlon in 2017 to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Most Christians are not in massive churches with celebrity pastors and TV ministries. The overwhelming majority of believers experience church in villages and towns where the gatherings are much smaller, the passion no less real and the Gospel no less effective. “Small Church, Big God” colourfully chronicles and celebrates these unsung heroes in one small Lincolnshire town.


“This story is one of faithfulness and fruitfulness. It’s a clear account of the secret of success – “keep turning up!”

Pastor, Worship Leader, Song Writer, Author. Sleaford New Life church/Lincoln Alive.

“Small Church, Big God” tells the story of a church, facing the challenges of bringing the Kingdom of God to rural Lincolnshire, through endless kindness, miraculous intervention and some godly stickability!

Author, songwriter, broadcaster. Revive Church, Hull.

“We are used to hearing testimonies from individuals but seldom hear testimonies of the journey of a local church. This story is powerful as it traces God’s faithfulness towards a community of people over a significant period of time.”

Leader, Ground Level Team, Lincolnshire

“A book about the faithfulness of God and a book to encourage all who labour for the Kingdom.”

Former Pastor of Gainsborough New Life Church.

Quoted lines from the book...

“Why should we expect people to suddenly change old patterns just because they came into a worshipping community? We all need to be radically changed on the inside before real outward change could result.”

“There is a place for every size and complexion of church in this great work of bringing in the Kingdom of God. But there is a special place for the “little boats” which can get in close and provide less of a target for the enemy.”

“All around us churches were finding their buildings time consuming, expensive and sometimes soul-destroying. We didn’t want to go down that route.”

“I believe that if all of us who call ourselves Christians could come together with respect and humility and recognise that we have much to learn from each other, the church will become a mighty force transforming and healing families and affecting communities for good.”

A story of encouragement for the unsung heroes of small church – your work is counted.

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