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Author, United Kingdom
Edward Thomas
I'm pleased to be able to provide an endorsement of Zaccmedia’s self-publishing services. From the beginning of our association, Zaccmedia have been helpful, encouraging and very efficient. As a novice in the area of book publication I am impressed by the relatively short time that elapsed between submitting my draft and the delivery of the final article. The design of the cover has been praised by all who have seen it. The layout of each page, and the overall structure of the book now it has been produced, is of the highest standard. Your editor pointed out any mistakes I had made and, from personal knowledge, questioned several aspects within the text causing me to revise and enhance some explanations and I am grateful for that. Drawing all the strands together I am totally satisfied with the package Zaccmedia have given me at a very reasonable cost.
CEO, Sovereign World Trust
With Zaccmedia’s help and guidance our “far-from-perfect” edited manuscript, in the form of a Word document, metamorphosed into an elegant 380-page book. Along the way Paul solved several typesetting challenges. With an eye for detail, Zaccmedia spotted several errant footnotes, missing references and typographical errors! They also patiently accommodated some late changes as the book took shape. Paul provided advice on illustrations and formatting, together with several recommendations and suggestions that had not occurred to us and which certainly improved the finished result. Paul designed an attractive cover that admirably suits the content of the book, offering suggestions and proposals from which we could make final choices. I have no hesitation in recommending Zaccmedia to anyone who has a dream to see their work in print and I fully expect to return for help with future projects.
Christian Author and Care Worker
Pauline Howell
When Jesus asked me to write a book I argued this for a long time. Out of obedience to Him I wrote Ordinary People Finding Jesus, which took me five years to do. When I was almost finished I was out running and looked up and said, "I have done what You asked me to do, now please send the publisher You have chosen as I am just too tired to deal with rejection.”  A few days later I received an email with two names on and I prayed over them. Zaccmedia stood out as named after Zacchaeus and this just felt so right. The help, assistance, patience, efficiency and knowledge I received from Paul Stanier of Zaccmedia has been incredible. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for an excellent special one on one publisher.
Tope Teniola
I would like to commend Paul Stanier who I believe I was led to divinely as he gave the help and advice I so needed. As he guided myself and my son, who is learning to typeset, in the do’s and don’ts, he shared his vast experience of publishing with professionalism, gentleness and kindness. Whenever I needed help he made himself readily available to me. As I hold my book in my hand and share it with others I feel very content. I am thrilled to know that Paul has pulled together his many talents to form Zaccmedia. I know that whichever aspect of work he is involved in he will undertake it with that same commitment, dedication and professionalism that has benefited all who have worked with him. Thanks and bless you Paul.
Former publishing director and now writer and writing coach
I'm very happy to endorse Zaccmedia. From the very start of our association, I have found Zaccmedia helpful, efficient and I would say delivered above and beyond my expectations – especially in the very short timescale we allowed ourselves. Author care has been superb! Your cover design has won praise from everyone who has seen it and I am still thrilled with it. Page design and production are of the highest professional standard - and I say that as someone who has worked in book publishing for some of the best-known non-fiction publishers in the UK and US. Your editor's eagle eyes spotted all that I had missed - I am so grateful! The financials worked for me – I think what you offer is an excellent package at a modest cost. And I've been delighted with the speed of delivery of the books I ordered.
Willard F Rockwell
The first 100 books arrived this morning. Fabulous! I'm getting calls for copies already. The work is magnificent! My wife Rachel said this is the best work on any of my books so far! Kudos to you Paul. I'm very interested to see where this will go now. I'm just quite glad that you have made this such an excellent work. Your flyers for the book arrived today—beautifully done, as usual—and they are beginning to fly! Thank you so much for the excellent work!
Author & Retired Solicitor
Geoff Tomlinson
I expect that it's the same for most first time authors, but I had no idea how to go about getting my book published, and I'm so glad that a friend suggested that I approach Paul. From the outset he was very professional in all that he did for me. He gave me prompt and helpful guidance as to what he needed me to do, and it was particularly gratifying for me that Paul was willing to try to get the book out within the short time frame that I requested, and better still that he managed to achieve that, completing the publication of my memoirs before my retirement from work and within two months after our first meeting.
Paul did a great job for me, and I would recommend his services to any author, whether novice like myself or indeed more experienced.
Author, Australia
Paul Penman

I returned home yesterday afternoon to find three cartons delivered and what a thrill it was to open the first carton. I am absolutely delighted with the finished product.  The gloss cover, the excellent paper stock and the overall presentation is beyond my expectation.  Thank you so much Paul.  You're a true champion. Would you kindly convey my thanks to the many people behind the scenes who made this vision become reality.  I thank God I prayed for the right publisher and in so doing I have been blessed abundantly by selecting Zaccmedia.

John McCormack Author Spirit Breath
This was my first venture into publishing and a great unknown for me, so working with Paul at Zaccmedia was a great decision that made the whole process seamless and a very pleasant experience for me. Paul was very encouraging at the beginning about the merit of publishing my work, and offered advice on the best way to present it, the kind and style of book that would work best, and he gave me other valuable input that helped guide my decisions along the way. I am delighted with the outcome of the project and would thoroughly recommend Zaccmedia. Paul has long and valuable experience in the publishing business and I found all my dealings with him professional to the core. The attention to detail, creative input on typesetting, style and presentation were exemplary and this really added to my book to give it a unique style that I am so pleased with. Thank you Paul for all your work.
Marlene Rose Shaw
I researched a number of companies offering eBook cover design and Kindle conversion. Paul's site seemed the most straightforward and authentic, and on contacting him he was so helpful and friendly. This is my first eBook and I was unclear of the process but Paul clarified everything and was very prompt in responding to my emails when I needed help. I am very satisfied with the cover he has provided me and am looking forward to uploading and seeing my book on Amazon. The whole process has been smooth and easy and the cost fair. I will definitely be coming back to Zaccmedia for my next eBook cover and conversion. Thank you Paul!
Author & Retired University Lecturer
Chris Park, Author
I have nothing but praise for the quality of service, and satisfaction with the excellent value for money, that Zaccmedia have provided during the publication of my book God – real or imagined? From first approaching them with my finished manuscript to publication of the book and eBook took just over two months, and the finished product looks excellent thanks to their creative cover design, attractive book design, and close attention to detail. Having previously had more than ten books published by large academic publishers, I have found Zaccmedia ultra-professional in all my dealing with them, which made the publication process smooth, efficient and stress-free. But, more than that, their approachable nature and their genuine interest in the book made the whole experience very enjoyable. I would not hesitate to use them again!
Author & Business Consultant
Arthur Green
Paul Stanier is a thoroughly professional publisher, with experience of both printed and e-books. He was instrumental in getting both my books to market, and provided expert editorial help and encouragement along the way. He is extremely creative in choosing titles, creating covers, and in all aspects of artwork and design. Paul is an expert in every aspect of his chosen profession. Paul is very easy to work with and is unfailingly courteous with high integrity. I would recommend him to anyone who requires publishing expertise and consultancy.
Author & Speaker
Ken Hepworth
I would like to commend Paul Stanier for his friendly and professional service.  His advice backed up by his knowledge and experience in the world of publishing is of great benefit to writers like myself.  I will be recommending Zaccmedia to my friends.
Previously Advertising Manager at CCP
Paul Stanier is one of the best publishers in the business. He has a creative versatile style and is always a pleasure to work with. Paul understands his market very well and has a great business mind. I consider it not only a pleasure to work with him but also to know him. I can highly recommend Paul to you.
Judy Breedon
Having just had my first novel published by Zaccmedia, I would like to state how very helpful Paul Stanier has been. He has talked me through every stage and answered all my questions - even the stupid ones! I have every confidence in his ability to get the most out of my work, and trust his judgment. All his suggestions have been helpful and acted upon, and I cannot recommend him more highly to those looking for someone to assist them in this frustrating time in an authors career.
Self-Published author, who sold over 1500 copies
Over the Moon by Christmas
As an inexperienced writer wanting to self-publish Paul Stanier gave the help and advice that I so needed. As he produced my book he shared his vast experience of publishing with gentleness and kindness. He gave me the freedom to design and hold onto the words and pictures that I carried in my head whilst correcting and teaching me where necessary. Whenever I needed help he made himself readily available to me. As I hold my book in my hands and share it with others I feel very satisfied. I am excited to know that Paul has pulled together his many talents to form Zaccmedia. I know that whichever aspect of work he is involved in he will undertake it with that same commitment, dedication and professionalism that has benefited all who have worked with him. I do wish him every success.
The search for the right company to publish my book being a Christian one was guided by the testimony of David in Psalm 68: 11 (KJV) that “The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those that published it”. I looked for a company that is great in trust and integrity, without any blemish in terms of the reviews available on the Internet as there are so many publishing outfits with tempting packages but with poor record of customers review. I was therefore sceptical of finding a company with an attractive package but yet of excellence, honesty and value for money.

I was divinely led to Zaccmedia rather than someone recommending the company to me. However, from the moment of my first telephone conversation with Paul, there was a conviction within me to do business with the company without regrets. Consequently, I was greatly impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by Paul in terms of communication, suggestions on various issues especially the book sub-title, publishing quality of the book and achievement of the agreed time schedule for the publishing job.

Although I was a bit apprehensive of the likely quality of the book binding based on those produced by some renowned companies, I was joyous to see the excellent quality of my book binding produced by Zaccmedia and it has been equally commended by others. Overall, I found working with Paul on this project to be a memorable experience and I will not hesitate to recommend Zaccmedia to other authors who desire a stress free publishing experience. Indeed, great was the company that published my first book.
The books have arrived and they look great. A big thank you!

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