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The Esther Strategy

A victory book for Christians, when the odds seem against you!
The Esther Strategy

Become an overcomer

Do you have great obstacles in your life to overcome? This book provides life principles from the book of Esther that will show you how.

Turn loss to victory

Is loss and persistent failure getting you down? Discover the powerful principles of Esther, one of the most powerful female voices in the Bible.

Find hope in despair

Turn that hopeless situation around in your life, and move to a path of light and fulfilment.

Discover godly power

Get the Esther mindset and understand how you can not just survive, but thrive!

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This book will help give you a life strategy that is at the heart of God’s purposes for you today!

Some quotes...

“Esther’s story has a lot to teach us about overcoming the enemy’s power in our lives.”

“… fasting can help to bring about amazing breakthroughs, not just in our lives and the lives of those around us, but also in our nation.”

“Our God is truly the God of the impossible, and the Bible is full of stories that teach us this.”

“One of the things that the Bible teaches us is that God likes to take nobodies and makes them into somebody.”

Unlock difficult circumstances with powerful keys this book offers you today.

… the author points out that even things our enemies might intend for our harm might be intended by God for our good.

Author, and principal of Mallon de Theological College, UK

If your Christian calling is for "such a time as this", then this book is for you.

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The Esther Strategy is Jan Taylor's third book

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Book review by Elim's Direction Magazine

UNPACKING ONE OF THE most neglected books of the Bible, Jan Taylor uncovers what she calls the ‘Esther Strategy’ by ranging widely through the Scriptures. Never afraid to shine the light of her own experience onto the people and circumstances we read about, the reader might find some of Jan’s comments challenging. But she will certainly make you think! And that’s OK… as Jan herself says in the introduction: “Feel free to disagree, because no individual has a monopoly on the truth.” And that’s exactly what it’s like reading a book byJan… like having a coffee with someone who has thought deeply about the topic, but is still happy to debate all the issues and bring a radical call back to discipleship.

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