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Contact us for a video at a price you will unlikely find anywhere else for the quality.


Zaccmedia is ambitious to bring affordable, high quality video promotions to all sizes of businesses, organisations and charities. All videos featured on the Zaccmedia website are shot by Paul Stanier and produced in HD.


Videos are a vital tool to companies wanting to engage their customers online, not just via their own website, but through Facebook, YouTube and a host of other social media channels.  Combining video with social media sharing, you can achieve new levels of exposure and add value to your marketing in a way that no other method can achieve.

See samples of our videos on this page and if you like what you see, then get in touch. Fast video production and delivery, means you can have a superb video that will get your message across in style.

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Our video services


[tab title=”Promotional Short Videos”]

Promotional Short Videos


A short, fast edit is usually very compelling, and people using the internet prefer to get high volume information in a short space of time. Short promotional videos are therefore an ideal vehicle to promote your business.

You may want to consider including the following on your video:

    [bullets icon=”0299.png”]

    • CEO interview/presentation
    • Attractive location/facility shots
    • Product shots
    • Customer testimonies
    • Employees explaining the services
    • Visual story telling
    • News style reportage
    • Voice over narration
    • Music track[/bullets]

Our videos are properly edited throughout and include front and back motion graphics featuring your company logo, and ending with a call to action message of your choice. It may be displaying your website, or offering a promotion of some kind with a phone number to call.

[content_right title=””][pullquote]Videos are a vital tool to companies
wanting to engage their
customers online[/pullquote][/content_right]Video’s can be uploaded to your own YouTube or Vimeo account, or uploaded to Zaccmedia’s account, from where you can embed your video directly to your own websites. Alternatively, you can have the video in a format for self hosting.

In addition to our production prices, you will need to account for mileage if located more than 60 miles from Preston, Lancashire. If a shoot is to last more than a day, then overnight expenses may be required.

[infopane color=”7″ icon=”0072.png”]A video shoot plus editing and delivery can be as little as £350. Please contact us so we can discuss your project needs.[/infopane]


[tab title=”Estate Agent & Property Video”]

We supply superb cinematic looking presentations of all types of properties for all budgets. For video examples, full details and prices click here.


[tab title=”Documentary Videos”]

Documentary Videos

Video2_Service_IconThese are videos that are longer than 3-minutes and usually require longer shot lists and heavier editing. Such productions are often exciting to produce and can vary in complexity depending on the subject and location(s). We will need to have an extensive conversation about what your exact requirements are and discuss ideas and concepts on how we can best fulfil the goals of your project.

[tab title=”Actor Show Reel”]

Actor Show Reel

Video7_Service_IconIf you are an aspiring actor/presenter wanting to advertise your talent and don’t yet have an adequate video portfolio, Zaccmedia is keen to work with you. We can help produce a short narrative film with cinematic aspect ratio and grading, which will help showcase your talent. We are currently prospecting for new portfolio material with narrative, and may be able to work with you at little or no cost, as we build our exciting new business. We can also help build yours.


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Time-lapse Alps

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Corporate Video

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Mini Documentary

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Charity Promotional Video

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Estate Agency Property Video

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Inspirational Christian Prayer Event Video

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Estate Agency Property Video

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Author Video

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