Zaccmedia provides self-publishing book production services and professional video & photography for a range of business and personal applications. Based in Preston, Lancashire, UK.

Property & Estate Agency Video

Zaccmedia provides high quality video services to estate agents, property developers and private owners who want to showcase their property portfolios to full effect. Video footage of real estate is now highly sought after by buyers as a fast way to evaluate their selection process on properties they want to view. The better quality the video footage, the higher the chance the buyer will view. Video offers a far better representation of space than a static photograph can offer and should be a must for premium properties especially.

Our videos are supplied as a 1080p (or 720p if you prefer) HD MP4 file, which is suitable for uploading for free to YouTube or a paid Pro Vimeo account, or streamed via another service provider.

 Contact us for a quote, describing your requirements.

The following is a selection of Zaccmedia video projects done for clients. From Luxury homes, to terraces to student accommodation – they all need marketing and a video fee is modest in the context of the overall expense of buying and selling properties.

We directly help sell / lease your properties and rooms

One of our recent clients wrote to Zaccmedia:

“Fantastic news since you were at City-Key
– we have gone from 20+ vacancies to NONE.
A variety of contributory factors,
not least your amazing videos and photos

that have been shared with potential tenants around the globe.
They really have made a huge difference.”

City-Key Apartments Promotional Video

Luxury £1m Home Video Shoot

Refurbished Terrace House Video Shoot

Student Studio Rental Accommodation

City Key Student Accommodation, Preston

City Key Student Accommodation, Preston


Estate Agent Corporate  Promotional Videos

Zaccmedia also specialises in corporate videos that are an ideal way to represent and market your business online. Give us a brief summary of what your business is about and what you would like included, and we can provide you with a quote. We have amazing rates that will help yield back benefits in profiling and income for your business or charity. If you would love a video like this for your company, contact us – we would be happy to talk it through and provide a quote.

Stills Photography

As an additional service to our video, it is possible for us to supply high resolution still photographs with versions optimised for web display. See samples of a recent commission here. Each image is shot using an ultra wide angle lens, utilising where necessary flash or expert HDR and image processing techniques as appropriate, to give a natural, spacious feel for each room and exterior. Properties vary in style and use, and some may require more involved photography than others, so it’s advised you explain your requirements to us so we can price the photography correctly.

Samples of our clean, professional, reliable stills photography can be seen in the slide gallery on our portfolio page here.

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